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Deciding on the Best Farm Fence

When picking the best farm fence, you need to take 
into consideration the size of the animals on your farm. This will determine 
the fence height and rail needs of your fence. Then you should consider the type of fence that would be best for maintenance, strength and value for your property. Many farms are switching to vinyl fencing for many reasons, such as:

  1. From a financial perspective, most vinyl farm fence products will last a lifetime or generations as opposed to the frequent replacement and/or repair of wood fence that could cost tens of thousands in a lifetime, depending on the size of your farm or property.
  2. Vinyl fence for a farm requires less labor and time to install, which also reduces the cost of your fence maintenance.
  3. Vinyl fence has proven to be ‘greener’ than wood fencing because they do not require chemical treatments or paint that would seep into the ground and possibly harm ground water, foliage (food) production, and, ultimately, your animals. In addition, trees are not depleted from forests to make them.

There are so many strong and beautiful styles in vinyl fencing today that not only make your property look unique, but also add considerable value.



The Installation of Vinyl Fencing on a Large Farm Property

Installing a vinyl fence is a pretty straightforward process. In the past we have compared it to laying “lay and snap” flooring. Once you have the hang of it, the installation flows pretty smoothly. No matter how easy it will seem, installing a vinyl fence on a large property brings its own set of rules and restrictions. You may face different terrain on a large farm property so it is important to go into the installation process with your eyes open and a strong knowledge on how you plan to approach the installation.

It is important to know your layout and design before beginning. Drawing a diagram is a good place to start so you will know ahead of time where you will have to dig your post-holes. Your terrain on a large property may vary from one side of the property to the other so make sure that if you are going from grass to hard packed dirt you equate for this and obtain any necessary equipment. If your farm property is on a slope then consider which method you will use for the installation of your vinyl fence. The racking method will have the top rail at a slant while the stepping method will keep the top rail straight by lowering and raising the posts to accept the depth difference.

You can find a comprehensive vinyl fence installation guide for your farm property here on our Vinyl Fence Installation page.



Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Fences

The following is a list of the vinyl fence characteristics that are friendly to the environment. If you have a farm or livestock property, you might be more concerned about protecting your ground water and your animals and would like to stay away from harsh chemicals that may destroy your property as well as your animals.

Environmental Fence:

  • They replace the harvesting of forests and trees
  • These vinyl fences require no arsenic, chemicals or lead based paints to preserve them
  • They do not leach dangerous chemicals into the soil like preserved woods
  • These vinyl ranch fences and horse fences are recyclable
  • Our vinyl fences and ranch fences last a lifetime without replacement so they're an efficiently used resource
  • Some of our vinyl fences and ranch fencing use recycled materials that don't go to landfills
  • All of our vinyl fences and ranch fences are waterproof and they don't rust or rot
  • Our vinyl fences don't burn easily and many are self-extinguising when exposed to fire
  • Although one element of our manufacturing of vinyl fences involves fossil fuels, it is not repeatedly burned to produce energy releasing carbon dioxide into our biosphere that may produce global warming - they are converted once into useful, serviceable products that last a lifetime

Some of the fence products we carry, such as Tuff Stuff and Crossbuck are particularly good for these characteristics. What is even more important is that fences that last a lifetime usually don't need to be put into a landfill.



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